Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program

Roof maintenance is an ongoing program that starts the day your roof is installed. By inspecting the roof in its best condition, you have a benchmark for future comparisons.

A service agreement with us is a convenient way to manage roof maintenance and mitigate cost of repairs. It offers several benefits, such as regular inspections, the implementation of an emergency response plan and the proactive identification of potential problems.

Our inspection program’s qualified personnel will help you avoid premature roof deterioration, prevent costly damage and repairs and maintain your warranty protection.

In most cases, a properly installed and maintained roof constructed with high-quality products should last beyond the specified warranty period.

Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program offers a biannual inspection* that assures you of a well-maintained roof. If you prefer, we’d be happy to perform inspections on an annual basis. Or talk with one of our inspection professionals about a needs-based program tailored specifically to your company.

* Both the National Roofing Contractors Association and Firestone Building Products recommend biannual roof inspections.

As part of our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program, our highly trained inspectors will:

  • Check drains and gutters
  • Remove debris and vegetation from roof surfaces
  • Check clamping rings on drains for secure fit
  • Inspect and caulk pitch pans, metal work and masonry walls
  • Inspect seams for water tightness
  • Inspect entire roof area for damage from other trades, vandalism or natural causes
  • Identify trends in roof traffic
  • Inspect around work areas, such as HVAC systems
  • Inspect for evidence of organic substances, including oils, fats and other substances
  • Check for ponding or standing water
  • Inspect for moisture infiltration