Reroofing Projects

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Cedar Hollow Road Project

This building was occupied during the reroofing process and had personnel, merchandise and machinery operating inside as well as docks with trucks coming-and-going that all needed to be considered and not disrupted by our reroofing activities. 

There were 16 obsolete rooftop equipment units and curbs needing to be de-energized and removed from the roof. As well as the steel deck opening closed with new 22-gauge Type-B steel decking.

There was also a CMU block masonry wall that was demolished because it was no longer needed and its removal enhance the drainage of the storm-water to the roof drains.

The safety of the personnel inside was accomplished, first of all, with good communication with the facilities’ managers about where the removal of the rooftop equipment was being performed on a particular day. We also cordoned-off the areas directly below the rooftop unit removal process. And interior spotters were stationed to make sure that workers did not go into the hazardous demolition areas.

Another precaution for the Owner was the adding of 10 soldered-watertight stainless-steel overflow scuppers to protect the roof’s steel structure from overload, in the event any of the primary roof drains became clogged.  

The existing 3” polyisocyanurate roof insulation was determined to be in good condition to retrofit a subsequent top-layer of 1.5”polyisocyanurate roof insulation and bring the cumulative R-value up to meet and surpass the Local Building Code. The Owner was able to save money by reusing its existing roof insulation and benefit by the savings of heating and cooling by the increased R-value.    

  • 77,444 square-feet project
  • Existing stone-ballasted EPDM roof removal
  • Removal of obsolete rooftop equipment
  • Firestone 60 mil. LSFR Adhered EPDM with 15-year Red Shield Warranty
  • Replaced all the existing roof drains
  • Enhanced perimeter and corner insulation attachment as per FM-Design Pressures for wind-uplift
  • Job was started and completed in 23 days minimizing the disruption of the tenants operations


E. Kahn Development Project

The new warehouse and office space for E. Kahn Development at 520 Lincoln Avenue was converted from the old Alcoa Medical Packing Center.

This building had a great deal of considerations and design to determine the best economical roofing system for the owner. For example, much time was devoted determining the existing structural slope with laser-lever equipment to confirm the minimal 1/16th structural slope in the existing steel framing so only a 1/16th slope tapered polyisocyanurate insulation system was required over the structural slope to achieve the minimum 1/8th slope per foot required by the Building Code for the proper drainage which saved the owner money.

Strategically placed additional roof drains also enhanced the storm-water management and created the most labor-efficient tapered polyisocyanurate roof design. A large portion of the building roof edge had to be totally replaced with new wood framing and constructed to accommodate the new thicknesses of the tapered roof insulation.

  • 149,135 square-feet project
  • Multiple existing roof system tear-off
  • 3,165 square feet of steel deck replacement
  • Removal of obsolete roof-top equipment
  • Extensive build-up of perimeter roof edge with new wood blocking and extensive wood structure remediation
  • Firestone 60 mil. Fully-adhered EPDM with 20-year Red Shield warranty
  • Replaced all the existing roof drains
  • Job was started on April 22 and completed on July 28 which meet the owner's required schedule for occupancy.